The Profane Party

“Outside of the temple”

Profane:  Etymology: LME prophane < MFr < L profanus < pro-, before + fanum, temple; lit., outside of the temple, hence not sacred, common: see pro- & fane

The Profane Party is for people who don’t pretend to know the “Will of God” or claim to be doing His “Work”.

We at The Profane Party are pretty sure that God, in His infinite wisdom, is none too pleased with the fundamentalist Svengalis who use His Word to sanctify prejudice while promoting supply-side trickle-down economic policy (tax breaks for the Rich) and War.

The Profane Party motto is: Fuck This Bullshit!

Since we are a “Party” special invective is reserved for the bullshit that passes for politics in America, particularly when God is brought into the equation.

The basic tenet of The Profane Party is:

Rich politicians run our government exclusively for the benefit of the even richer fucks who purchase elections for them. Politicians, with few exceptions, have elevated prostitution to the pinnacle of debauchery.

The best of these whores excel at duping us into believing they care about “we the people” while picking our pockets for the benefit their masters and cronies, the uber-rich and powerful, the real “elites”, those who own the wealth of our nation and control the Insurance “industries”, the Pharmaceutical “industries”, the Financial “industries”, the Energy “industries”, and of course the Defense “industries”.

We the people are at the mercy of a small group of elite fucks and the prostitute politicians they own. Unfortunately for us mercy is a commodity they don’t trade in.

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