Seriously Unproportionate Representation

 50% of the American People are women.

Only 17% of Congress members are women. 92 0f 535 (21 Republicans and 71 Democrats)

 35% of the American People are minorities.

Only 15% of Congress members are minorities. 80 of 535 (4 Republicans and 76 Democrats) (21 of the 80 minority members are women.)

 67% of the American People are women and minorities.

Only 28.2% of Congress members are women and minorities. 151 of 535. (21 of the 80 minority members are women.)

 8/10s of 1% of the American People are millionaires.

44% of Congress members are millionaires. 237 of the 535

Now that is what I call seriously unpreportionate representation!

Neither Party Represents the People

I contend that the American two Party system is a sham.

81.4 million eligible voters didn’t vote in 2008

Neither party represents the people since nearly 40% of the people who could vote don’t vote for either party.

I contend that the majority of Americans are disgusted with what passes for Politics these days.


In 5,566 interviews with registered voters conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press during the first two months of 2008, 36% identified themselves as Democrats, and just 27% as Republicans. Therefore 37% were independents.

Assuming a third of registered voters are independents that’s roughly 44 million. Add 81 million non-voters that equals 125 million. There are more “independents” and non-participants in the political system than there are members of both Parties combined.

 In 2008 the voting-eligible-population was 212.7million Americans.

131.3 million voted for President

81.4 million eligible voters didn’t vote. 38%

 According to CNN

Obama got 53% of the vote 66,882,230.  That’s 31% of eligible voters

McCain got 46% of the vote 58,343,671.  That’s 27% of eligible voters

 38% of eligible voters didn’t vote.

 I contend that non-voters think politics and politicians are fucked and it makes no difference whether they vote or not.

I also contend that America is a much more profane a country than the Jesus Freaks would have us believe. Only 27% of the people eligible to vote voted for the Republican ticket in spite of having the darling of the “Religious” Right, Sarah Palin, in the VP slot.

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